Creating beauty...what better way to spend one's life!

My life as an artist started in the early 90’s with a huge pile of rubbish, a bottle of glue and heaps of enthusiasm. The ‘huge pile of rubbish’ was the result of an interior design firm’s sample library clear-out … no way could I allow all those gorgeous materials to end up as land fill!!! I managed to rescue boxes of textiles, timber veneers and paint samples with a mission to recycle them into some form of artistic expression, and so began my life as an artist.

With a love and appreciation for the beauty in detail, I started experimenting with small intricately embellished works for handmade cards. These were so well received that I was encouraged to create more, and to use the same techniques to create larger works for wall art.

Textiles in particular, with their unique and varied qualities of texture, sheen, opacity, colour and design became my inspiration. I started collecting interior and fashion textiles, and in later years discovered the beauty of antique and vintage textiles from India, Japan, Turkey and Uzbekistan ~ I love to think about all the hands that have touched them, the women they've adorned, and all the experiences they've had as they made their way to my studio.... and into my art!

Every artwork has been individually crafted to showcase these unusual and exquisite materials ~ antique, vintage and contemporary textiles, photographs (my own), decorative papers and natural world treasures ~ layered and intricately embellished with metallic and coloured threads, beads, sequins and jewels.

Technique.....The works are adhered to watercolour paper or canvas using acid free adhesives (no stitching), and the fine metallic and coloured threads are carefully applied using dental instruments!

The metallic thread embellishment that appears in most of my works today is a technique that I developed in the early days of experimentation - it protects the edges from fraying and adds beauty and sparkle to the work…and who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle in their life!!!


I exhibit regularly in group and solo shows and display my works in galleries and home decorating stores.

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